A windmill is being constructed at the poultry farm Le Coquetier Social. Furthermore, a study is also being carried out into sustainable construction and natural ventilation is provided for the chicken runs.


The organization Afractie supports various relief projects to offer the Talibé children (begging children) in Senegal a better future. At the beginning of 2019, they started a training and agricultural project in which a small poultry company, ‘Le Coquetier Social’ was founded. Every six months, a young Talibé can be trained here to raise and sell chickens and thus run the business. Unfortunately, the heavy rainfall in recent months has already caused the structures to degrade. In addition to strengthening and rebuilding the entire construction, a sustainable solution must also be found to absorb the regular power cuts and to provide continuous energy for IR lighting, ventilation of the coops and cooling of the eggs and chickens.


Engineering students Thomas and Kristof left for Senegal on the 12th of February to construct a windmill to cope with the regular power cuts. In the meantime, they have already rolled up their sleeves. Literally and figuratively, because after a thorough exploration of the site, they have dug the foundation of the mill by hand. In the meantime, they are also carrying out the necessary strength calculations and they have been looking for all the necessary materials in Dakar, which is quite an adventure in itself. You can follow all their experiences and progress via facebook (www.facebook.com/energyforafractie) and instagram (https://www.instagram.com/afractieproject/).

Construction study and ventilation

Engineering student Frederik will join the other students in Senegal at the end of March. He will investigate how sustainable construction of the buildings can be ensured and he will also investigate which natural convection technology can be integrated in the chicken run.