Students for Energy in Africa is a Belgian organisation with following objectives:

  • realise projects on renewable energy in Africa, researched and carried out by Belgian students in cooperation with the local communities
  • enhance the technical-scientific knowledge of those students concerning renewable energy and broaden their world view
  • inform the local communities on renewable energy and exchange technical-scientific knowledge
  • offer financial support to the projects

We search for projects on renewable energy in Africa. Every project is first subjected to a feasibility study where not only the technical-scientific side is looked at but also the financial prospects and the safety, accommodation and guidance of the student on site. When a project is approved we look for interested, capable and responsible students that are willing to take part in an African adventure of sustainable development and want to broaden their horizon. During the first part of their master thesis the students investigate and develop the best applicable renewable energy system that is built up during the second part of their thesis.