Uhasselt students Tobias, Daan, Leon and Kjel are going to Kenya in February to supply the kitchen of the Technical University of Mombasa with renewable energy. This energy will be generated by the anaerobic digestion of biomass into biogas and by making use of solar energy. This is not only beneficial for the environment (reduction of waste and environmental pollution), but will also reduce energy costs. The installation will also be used to provide practical lessons on renewable energy so that this important knowledge is passed on to the local population and similar installations can be built in other schools and communities. The students are fully engaged in the preparations for the project and have already created a blog on which you can follow all their adventures and progress (https://www.facebook.com/TUMproject). To give the project a financial boost, they have started a crowdfunding (https://www.gofundme.com/…/providing-a-kitchen-in-kenya…) and they sell delicious waffles (https://forms.gle/7MSpSAdvSC1ctQ5f6). A very motivated team!