2013: Biogas Warang, Senegal

A biogasplant was constructed at primary school Les Cajoutiers to provide in 25 % of the needed energy to prepare hot mails every day for 500 pupils.

2015: Windmill Nianing, Senegal

To cover the regular power failures a windmill was installed at primary school Futur du Sénégal in fishing village Nianing.

2017: Solar system and power banks Sichem, Togo

A solar system and battery bank was installed in the rural community Sichem in Togo to overcome power failures and to charge a mobile power bank that provides surrounding villages with additional energy to charge mobile phones or lamps in cooperation with organisation Togo Debout.

2018: Energy supply and optimization Mali Juisi, Tanzania

To provide the juice company Mali Juisi with a stable power supply a diesel generator was installed as a backup system and to reduce energy costs a solar thermal system was constructed to heat up water that is used during the production process.

2019: Shredder Artemisia Sichem, Togo

On the 11th of February engineering students Kristof Jorissen and Jeroen Hermans travelled to the village Sichem in Togo where Kaz and Daan previously installed a solar system and constructed power banks. Kristof and Jeroen are developing a shredder to cut the plant Artemisia. This plant is used as protection against Malaria by the local population.